What About Us – The Song

What About Us (by GuGabriel) talks about a topic we both feel very strongly about  – genetically modified crops (GMOs) and all the problems they cause.The song calls on all of us to take responsibility – for us as well as our planet, now and for generations to come!

You can listen to the demo version of the Song What About Us on soundcloud!

Currently we are producing a music video.


Shooting “What About Us” in August 2015 / Weitra, Lower Austria

The shoot already happened in August in a gorgeous part of Lower Austria, called “Forest Quarter”. We will tell you more about how it went in our next post 🙂

Song Lyrics:

Get to talk and warn

Of genetically modified corn

Of bananas we should not eat

´Coz of sterility of our sp… seeds

So, what about us

Michael Jackson is still alive

What about us

The world you and I

Our children will seek

If we don´t change

We all will bleed

Within a lot of rain

Within a lot of pain

What a world of fake

If we don´t learn to lose

And to see how it aches

When there is nothing left to choose

And tomatoes we should not eat

´Coz of sterility . . .


What about us . . .

Let us change the weather

Let us change the weather

So, What about life how shall we survive

All the wonderful things that – if they are gone – we can´t buy

´Coz we can´t do like there is nothing

But everybody knows

And we pretend like we can´t see

So what will we choose

What about us . . .


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